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The Marin County Sidewall Company Story

Marin County Sidewall Company founder Peter Sutton loved the shingled home he grew up in, but he never imagined himself working in the trades — he wanted to be an artist.

After graduating with a degree in ceramics, Peter’s brother asked if he’d like to join him on a summer job shingling houses. Peter agreed, and was amazed to discover that working and shaping the wood was both challenging and artistically satisfying.


Peter Sutton, Founder

He would never say it, but others do: Peter Sutton, founder of Marin County Sidewall is a cut above. There are his years of experience — now 34 — since he took a summer job that grew into his life-long career. His values: Caring. Communication. Quality. And certainly not least: his artistic vision. Beyond his extraordinary craftsmanship, Peter brings an appreciation and understanding of color, line and texture to his work. It shows.

When Peter is not at a client site, he’s probably at a campsite, involved in the fine art of fly-fishing for trout. Pete lives in Petaluma and has three grown kids, all who think their dad is the bomb.

Nick Sutton, Master Craftsman

Nick Sutton was shingling houses the summer when his brother, Peter, graduated college. Nick asked if Peter would like to join him on the site, and the rest is history. When Peter ventured out to start Marin County Sidewall in 1985, Nick joined his crew. “Watching Nick do shingles is like watching ballet,” Peter says. “There’s such ease and flow in what he does. Not a move wasted.” Nick is also an accomplished pianist, potter and yogi; however, he holds his loving family, now including a grandchild, as being his greatest accomplishment.



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